About Us

SFQG was formed as a non-profit organization in 1981 with 60 charter members.
The purpose of this organization is to provide an atmosphere of friendship and companionship for anyone interested in the arts and crafts of quiltmaking and related arts by:


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SFQG Bylaws (amended November 2014):  Click here for pdf.

THANK YOU to our current and past presidents of SFQG:

Caroline Lieberman, 1981-1983
Linda Breitbarth, 1983-1984
Shirley Towan, 1984-1985
Gloria Miller, 1985-1987
Phyllis Schaefer, 1987-1988
Darlene E. Hartman, 1988-1990
Ann Gage, 1990-1991
Pat Garner, 1991-1992
Barbara Blue, 1992-1993
Marie Torres, 1993-1994
Mary Fischer-Boyd, 1994-1995
Glenda Freiberg, 1995-1996
Suzanne Searby, 1996-1997
Gretchen Nelson, 1997-1998
Janet Mednick, 1998-1999
Erin Watson, 1999-2000
Julie Scribner, 2000-2001
Roberta Walker, 2001-2002
Christine Beard, 2002-2003
Judy Woodfill, 2003-2004
Doris Atkinson, 2004-2005
Carolyn Kotner, 2005-2006
Laureen Neilly, 2006-2007
Linda Breitbarth, 2007-2009
Joyce Goode, 2009-2010
Carol Munch, 2010-2012
Judy Woodfill, 2012-2013
Kenan Shapero 2013-2014
Jane Strem 2014-2015
Jane Strem 2015-2016
Alex Byrne 2016-2017
Alex Byrne 2017-2018

Featured Artists at our Past Quilt Shows;

2001- Rebecca Rohrkaste and Suzan Friedland
2003- Joe Cunningham and Marina Salume
2005 - Miriam Nathan Roberts
2007- Alex Anderson and Letitia Chung
2009- Judy Mathieson and Anita Barber
2011- Marcia Stein and Janet Mednick
2013- Laura Lee Fritz and Roberta Walker
2015- Velda Newman
2017 - Fredy Moran and Luke Haynes

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