SFQG supports many ongoing activities. Scroll down for details on each.

        Block of the Month
        Challenge Quilts
        Free Table
        Friendship Blocks
        Biennial Quilt Show
        Secret Pals Program
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        Sewing Circles

Block of the Month:
Blocks of the Month are opportunities to learn a new technique, try a new design/pattern, and play with different fabrics and colors. The Block of the Month chairperson decides on the block patterns and makes the sample blocks. At each guild meeting, a block is introduced and all members are encouraged to participate by making one or more blocks to be entered into a drawing the following month. The more blocks you enter, the more chances you have of winning them all, because your name is entered in the drawing each time you turn in a block. The person whose name is drawn wins the set of blocks made.  Block of the Month instructions can be found in our newsletter, Quilters Cables.

Challenge Quilts:
A challenge quilt is a tradition in which all Guild members are invited to participate. 
Each time the Guild holds a Quilt Show a fun theme is selected and everyone is encouraged to make a small quilt using the chosen theme. These quilts are not judged, but exhibited at the show. Their purpose is to foster self-expression, creative growth and experimentation with new techniques and/or products.
Challenges are not limited to Quilt Show, and may be hosted by any member.

Free Table: Most meetings have a fabric exchange where members bring in fabrics they no longer want, and other members can find some treasures.

Friendship Blocks:
One of the great traditions of the Guild is friendship blocks. Basically, the purpose is to make a block for a fellow Guild member. A more subtle purpose is by participating; you improve your quilting skills and most importantly, build intra-Guild relationships. Seeing your block in a completed project makes the project a group effort.
Friendship Blocks come in all different skill-levels, subjects, colors, and sizes. After completing five blocks, a member is eligible to prepare blocks for others to complete.

Click images to see larger view of finished quilts made with Friendship Blocks.


       Shanna Thompson

Sweet and savory snacks are shared at every meeting. Is it your birthday month? Please bring something to share. Not your birthday? Snacks and beverages always welcome.

QuiltAway is a bi-annual retreat (held in the year following the Quilt Show) from Thursday evening through Sunday morning, at a local retreat venue. Activities include quilt classes, time to make community outreach quilts, and especially time for Guild members to get to know each other better in a fun environment. The quilt show profits from the prior year help to defray some of the costs for QuiltAway.

Biennial Quilt Show:
The SFQG presents a bi-annual quilt show. It is held over an entire weekend in a local large venue site. In recent years, we have showcased over 300 of our members’ quilts along with other special exhibits and two featured artists. The show includes vendors who rent space to sell their products. In addition to being a wonderful artistic event, the show also provides the opportunity for the entire Guild to work together on a project of common interest and raise funds which support Guild activities for the following year. Please click here for current info on our 2017 show.

Exhibited at Symphony of Color, quiltlets is an ongoing collection of  9” squares contributed by guild members. You can see some of them at the top of this website! We currently have several hundred, and the collection is growing.
To add yours, see guidelines here


Secret Pals Program:
Secret Pals are members of the Guild who like game and giving gifts. People to want to participate fill out a profile about themselves so that the person who becomes their Secret Pal can get to know them. The profile includes likes/dislikes, activities you enjoy, and significant dates/holidays you celebrate.
Another person in the Guild will pick up your profile and then remember you in a special way, each month, through a card in the mail or a wrapped gift on Secret Pal table.
Secret Pals reveal themselves at the Secret Pal Tea in April. New profiles will be picked at the March meeting.
For more info contact Laraine Salmon 510.295-9109

Sewing Circles:
A quilting circle is a group of people who get together to sew and quilt and to share parts of their lives.  Sewing circles get together on a regular basis,  quilters may work together on projects for each other or for groups in the community, or members may simply get together to socialize as they each work on their own projects. Quilting circles provide their members the opportunity to talk about their ideas and their quilts with other quilters. They also benefit broader communities since many bees regularly take on projects to benefit either a larger quilting guild or a chosen community group, such as a hospital or a nursing home.

The San Francisco Quilt Guild sponsors many sewing circles to which its members can belong. There are sewing circles that meet at night as well as bees that meet during the day.  Some bees are highly organized, where there is always some kind of group effort going on, and there are very "hang-loose" circles whose members simply enjoy getting together to sew, talk (and maybe eat!).  Sewing circles that meet in member's homes may have a limited membership simply because of space. They will be listed on the website as closed.

Any SFQG Member is invited to join one or more open circle. In order to be a Guild-affiliated sewing circle, all members of the circle must also keep their membership in SFQG active.

If you are interested in joining a sewing circle, and you are not a Guild member, come to a monthly Guild meeting and join the Guild or enroll online. If you want to find out more about the open Circles so you can choose one (or two or three) that best match your interests, help is available. To join a sewing circle, start a new circle or to get more information about sewing circles, please call or email coordinator Betty McNiel at (415) 337-1952 or, or you may click here to send an email to her.

List of Sewing Circles soon to come

Group Name Open  Meet Date Time Where Type