Meeting Archive 2011

May 17, we welcome Amy Ahlstrom, Urban Quilter, based here in San Francisco,
who combines her background as graphic designer and comix illustrator in
contemporary quilts. Ms. Ahlstrom digitally photographs the visual details of
cities—street art, signs, and architectural details—and collages these images via
computer into quilt designs.

In her artist’s statement, Amy shares that “Though it is textile art rather than
drawing or painting, my work is most comparable to that of pop, lowbrow and
graffiti artists. My quilts are modern art pieces that happen to be rendered in
fabric. They reflect the experience of city life, as seen through the graffiti, signs,
and buildings present in every city. They serve as an anthropological record of
an urban neighborhood, in that the images that I capture are constantly in a
state of flux.” For more information:



On June 21, we look at the ancient Korean technique of Pojagi, with our speaker
Jiseon Lee Isbara
, artist and educator who runs the Fibers Dept. at Oregon College of Art
and Craft in Portland OR. Ms. Isbara earned BFA and MFA from Ewha Woman’s University,
Korea and MFA from Colorado State University, USA.

Her work is a 21st century interpretation of the Korean patchwork art of Pojagi
(pronounced po-jah-ki), which dates back to the Chosun Dynasty. Pojagi is characterized
by distinctive geometric patterns, using multihued patches of ramie, cotton, hemp and silk.
Patches could be sewn together with one of all of three seams: with plain seams, a raw-
edged seam similar to a French seam, or the uniquely Korean triple-stitched seam known
as gekki.

Ms. Isbara’s work is included in an exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Folk Art,
open through October 22.

For more information:

July 19  – Laura Fogg. Landscape Quilter and Teacher

Laura has been a quilt artist for ten years. She is self-taught, but has taken numerous painting
and drawingclasses at the local community college. Her quilts have been shown regularly since
2000, and awarded ribbons at many quilt shows across the US, including AQS shows, PIQF, and
Visions in San Diego. Many of her pieces have been accepted into major gallery shows across the
country, and have also been published in major quilting magazines in the US and abroad.
Laura has been lecturing and teaching landscape collage classes for the past eight years bringing
this wealth of landscape information to other quilters.


For more information:

August 16 - Certified Quilt Appraiser Nancy Bavor

Nancy will go beyond describing the quilt appraisal process. She will also provide valuable information on quilt preservation, which will help us maintain quilts at their peak value.

Nancy has achieved the position of American Quilter's Society Certified Appraiser of Quilted Textiles, currently serves as an intern at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, and is a masters degree candidate in history of textiles at University of Nebraska.

A quiltmaker, teacher and collector for 20 years, Nancy has held curatorial positions in two university museums, and has curated and exhibited in contemporary quilt shows.

Several of us had our quilts appraised by Nancy at the 2011 quilt show. Nancy will not have time to appraise quilts at the meeting, but will provide contact information for those of us seeking quilt appraisals.

September 20 - Velda Newman

Our annual election of officers will take place during this meeting.

In September, SFQG is honored to welcome Velda Newman, internationally recognized contemporary quilt artist, author and lecturer.

A blessing of quilting is the diversity of presentation opportunities available to each of us.  Some of us make miniatures. Some of us make traditional quilts. Many of us make contemporary pieces. Velda makes, if you will, jumbos! 

Known for her large scale, mostly organic designs, Velda creates original quilts of exceptional beauty and craftsmanship. All the intricate beauty and detail of a fish or a flower comes to live, super-sized, in Velda’s work.

For the past 20 years her work has appeared in many national and international exhibitions (best of show in Houston in 1991) and has been featured in over 30 publications. And there’s more. Some of her quilts are in the permanent collections of  prestigious galleries and museums internationally. 

An important side note: Velda has contracted to be one of our teachers at QuiltAway 2012. 

Come feast your eyes on big and beautiful in September.

December 13 (note: 2nd Tues in Dec)  Cindy Needham
Our annual book sale also takes place at 6:30, so come early!

SFQG Annual Used Book Sale features many many quilting books at prices too good to pass up. Check or Cash only.

Cindy Needham, 2010 Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year, will close out our speaker series for 2011 at the December 13 meeting. Please note the date. It’s the second (not third) Tuesday, because of the holiday season. 

A quilter for 39 years, Cindy discovered machine quilting 14 years ago, and there’s been no turning back. Not only does Cindy serve as a national rep for Superior Threads, she maintains a busy schedule related to the publication by AmericanQuilters Society in 2009 of her first book “Wholecloth Linen Quilts.” She and this technique have been featured on Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson’s “The Quilt Show.”

Check out her website, for more information.