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January 21, 2014


Sherri Lynn Wood combines her knowledge of craft, social practice, and systems-centered theory to reacquaint people with personal agency, community, love and the basic skills of living. She has been making quilts since 1988 and is the developer of Passage Quilting, an effective, hands-on, bereavement process utilizing improvisational quilt making and the clothing of the beloved.


February 18, 2014

Deborah Corsini - curator from San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

This survey showcases the variety of exhibitions that were produced and featured over the last seven years at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles. It will highlight some of the treasures from the museum's collection and give some insight into exhibition selection. Deborah is an advocate for the Museum and its role in promoting, educating, and honoring the rich textile legacy of our collective history.

Deborah Corsini has been the museum's curator for over seven years. Previously she worked as a textile designer and the Creative Director of P&B Textiles, a local fabric convertor specializing in fabrics for the quilt industry. While working at P&B her appreciation and love of quilts was formed, although she remains a tapestry weaver in her spare time.

Translucence by Cathy Breslaw, from current exhibit

March 18, 2014


Internationally known, award-winning quilt artist, Carol Taylor, approaches her quilt making with intensity and a seemingly boundless energy. Vibrant colors, striking contrasts, use of value, as well as heavy machine quilting and embroidery distinguish Carol’s quilts. She has created over 500 quilts since she began quilting in 1993. She also serves on the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) board of directors.

Carol has won six “Best of Show” awards in her career…with six different quilts!  Carol’s quilt, “Dispersion”, won Best of Show at Quilts for Change in August 2006.  “Sedona: Red Rocks & Blue Skies” was awarded Best Of Show at Form Not Function 2005 by Arturo Sandoval and her quilt Tonality was awarded Best of Show out of 1100 entries at Craft USA 2002 at the Silvermine Gallery in Connecticut by Holly Hotchner, Director of the Museum of Arts and Design. She won another Best of Show in 2004 when her quilt, “Tapestry”, won at the Anderson Arts Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In 2003, her quilt, “Interwoven”, won her 3rd Best of Show at Quilts=Art=Quilts in NY and her original Best of Show was for “Glimpse of the Grotto” at Made in NY 1999.

Jurors for the international exhibit, Quilt National, selected Carol’s quilt, “Abundance”, for the 2009 edition of this “best of contemporary quilts” showcase. Quilt National 2001 and 1999 also featured Carol’s quilts, “Vibrations” & “Shattered” which traveled with the show for two years. She was also one of 35 artists to be juried into Visions 2004 in California.  In May 2001, the Museum of Art and Design in New York City acquired Carol’s quilt, “Reverberations”, for their permanent collection and their “Six Continents of Quilts” exhibition. Other honors for Carol include the selection of her work for the Smithsonian’s “Following the Thread” exhibit in 2002, and the mixed media exhibitions, Crafts National 2000-2006, (2 Juror’s Awards), Materials: Hard and Soft 2003-2008, and the 24th Annual Contemporary Crafts Exhibit in Mesa Arizona, 2002, where she won a Juror’s Award, Art Quilt Elements 2008, Craft Forms 2009, Handcrafted 2004, and Gross McCleaf Gallery’s Contemporary Quilts 2003 & 2004, and the Boston Fine Arts Show 2006. Her quilt, “Cymbalism”, was one of fifteen selected for the Museum of American Folk Art’s exhibition, which toured from 2001-2003.

Carol has also won a myriad of awards at quilt shows, including an amazing 33 major prizes in 2006-2008, and 39 in 2004 & 2005.  This includes a number of first prizes and awards for the Best Wall Quilt, Best Use of Color, Best Embellishment, and Best Threadwork at the American Quilters’ Society in Paducah KY, the International Quilt Association in Houston, TX, and many other gallery shows.

A teacher by degree, & outgoing by nature, she has been a sales recruiter "headhunter” for 22 years but closed her business in October 2003 to teach quilting internationally. Her 14 workshops are said to be “fun, motivational, & non-threatening.” Carol delights in using hand-dyed fabrics in her abstract, motif-driven designs, accented by the use of value. Her art quilts grace the walls of hospitals & businesses as well as many private collectors.

Carol Taylor will have threads, DVD’s and books for sale at our March 18 meeting.  Payment by cash or check only.  Please come prepared to shop if you are interested in purchasing her beautiful merchandise.


April 15, 2014


“Material Matrix & The Paths Taken”

This is a presentation using images and quilts to show her background, her work, an overview of her process called “Material Matrix”, and how it all comes together using color, design, composition and serendipity.


MAY 20, 2014


Wise Words: Lessons learned the Hard Way

Although quilting is basically a two-dimensional medium, her quilts have a depth that goes beyond the surface. Elements of the designs seem to float above the surface or recede into the depths of the quilt. The goal is to encourage the viewer to look into the quilt, rather than just at it.

Beyond the illusion, her quilts have something to say. Colleen wants the work to mean something. She works by starting with a title and building the quilt around that idea. Celestial events, botanical impressions and life experiences are common themes in her work.

Colleen didn't grow up sewing. Her background is not in art. But she is passionate about quilting.


JUNE 17, 2014


Patricia Belyea, an artisan quilt maker, speaker and teacher, imports vintage yukata cottons from Japan. She owns Okan Arts,  a micro shop in Seattle, where she sells her fabrics and teaches hands-on design and quilting classes.

From Rags to Riches: The Ultimate Stash Story
For the very first quilt Patricia made, she sourced fabrics from used clothes at the Goodwill store. After that she made scrap quilts with leftovers from newly found quilting friends.

Patricia has progressed to the other end of the stash scale as an importer of vintage yukata cottons. Today her quilting studio is packed with over 550 bolts of hand-dyed cottons from Japan.

Look forward to tales of Japan, sourcing yukata fabrics, sharing these fabrics with others, making artisan quilts, and building a cottage business.

Yukata Cotton Trunk Show
Patricia is bringing 125 bolts of yukata cotton to the guild meeting. The vintage hand-dyed Japanese fabric is sold as yardage. Cost is $15 per yard.

Patricia is teaching two classes in the Bay Area:
Doodle Piecing
The Cotton Patch Store, 1025 Brown Avenue, Lafayette.
Sign-up:    $95  Friday, June 20    10am to 5pm
Being able to add complex curves to your quilt designs is like being given keys to the universe. It opens up so many possibilities for creating new directions in your quilting.

Happi Squares Improv
New Pieces Quilt Store
766 Gilman Street, Berkeley
Sign-up: 510-527-6779   $75  Saturday, June 21   10am to 4pm
This is  a great intro class for “stepping outside of the block.” This playful quilt design features changing strip widths and block directions. Look forward to day full of fun.

JULY 15, 2014


"Brave Use of Color"

Tracey’s original quilts based on classic blocks are bright, bold and contemporary. This trunk show of two decades of quilts will amuse and inspire you, with comments on deadlines and design problems, and answers the question: exactly WHAT does a professional quilter DO?


AUGUST 19, 2014


"Unconventional and Unexpected"

Roderick is the author of the critically acclaimed The American Quilt: A History of Cloth & Comfort (1993, 2004) and Cloth & Comfort: Pieces of Women's Lives from Their Quilts and Diaries (1994), published by Clarkson Potter Publishers (Random House).

His latest self-published book, QUILTS, was the result of his curiosity about quilts made in "his era."  He wanted to know what the quilts were like which had been made from 1950 to the end of the 20th century. Those he considered "outside" the second quilt revival of the 20th century and the Art Quilt movement.  Had they even been made?  He was also curious about eBay and what it was all about.  Would this be a source for finding the quilts he was looking for?  The answer was YES to both questions. He was looking for the quilts that "broke the rules," those that caught his eye and spoke to him as works of art.  He was literally amazed and stunned at the treasures being uncovered.

Roderick found many of these quilts on eBay as well as from private dealers, flea markets and estate sales.  They are from all across the country. Some have documentation of a maker and where they were made; most do not. Some are African American (documented) and many are not.

He was drawn to the visual beauty and power that each one possesses and is still intrigued and fascinated by the fact they were made by someone and in many cases, slept under.  They hold untold stories and voices.

QUILTS focuses on the historical journey of the quilt as a work of art. The joy and excitement of showing quilts from the collection at SFMOMA, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, Petaluma Arts Center, and on Facebook and the incredible responses received through those venues was a huge motivating force in his creating this printed/digital archive.


SEPTEMBER 16, 2014


"What If?"

Rayna Gillman is an internationally known artist and teacher who whose work has appeared in galleries and museums across the US. She works spontaneously in mixed media, often using collage and printmaking techniques to add texture to her work.

Rayna brings her intuitive sense of color and design into her work and her classes, infusing her students with a sense of play and encouraging them to use the words “what if?” as they experiment in their own work. She was nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award in 2010 by Professional Quilter Magazine.

She has a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and studied at the Université de Strasbourg under a Fulbright Grant. She is the author of the best sellers, Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts, and Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth, published by C&T and nominated for two book awards.

Her work is in private collections in the U.S. and Europe. It can be seen on her website, She invites you to visit her blog at and to contact her at


October 21, 2014


Visit Jennifer Sampou's website for more info: