Symphony Of Color 2011 Ribbon Winners

Hand Quilting – Traditional And Innovative

Quilt Made By One Person – Small

First Place:     101  La Vie En Rose Mariko Duenwald 
Second Place: 132  Sand’ys 50th       Laureen Neilly
Third Place:    188  Blowing In The Wind    Letitia Chung
Hon. Mention: 277  Sashiko Sampler Donna Bachmann

Quilt Made By One Or More Persons – Large   

First Place:    216  For Claudia Jane Jan Canfield  
Second Place: 100  Diamond Bloom Mariko Duenwald
Third Place:    127  Japanese Crane: Endangered Roberta Walker
Hon. Mention: 103  Oh Holy Nightmare Julie Scribner 

 Machine Quilting – Traditional

 Quilt Made By One Person – Small

First Place:      217  For Ella Catherine Jan Canfield
Second Place: 158  Batik Sunrise Maren Larsen
Third Place:    318  Puzzle Pieces    Jeanie Low
Hon. Mention: 161  Hexagons Priscilla Der
Hon. Mention: 341  Who Says The Color Wheel Is Round? Dorte Brandenhoff

Quilt Made By One Person – Medium

First Place:    223  Star Bright Carol Damm   
Second Place: 184  Ocean Waves    Letitia Chung
Third Place:    225  Wild Rose Carol Damm   
Hon. Mention: 219  Sunshine And Shadow At The Crossroads   Catherine Sherman
Hon. Mention: 283  Anaranjado Malo Tama Blough

 Quilt Made By One Person – Large

First Place:    286  Fonthill Quilt Kerstin Stauffer
Second Place: 155  Civil War Baby Blocks  Maren Larsen
Third Place:    298  Diamond Stars Pernille Gutshick
Hon. Mention: 126  Foxhill Farms Finery Roberta Walker

Machine Quilting – Traditional

Quilt Made By Two Persons – Small

First Place:      207  Beachcomber Iii Judy Woodfill   
Second Place: 112  Cactus Garden Patricia Bilafer   
Third Place:     261  30’s Baskets Nancy Clock
Hon. Mention: 162  Fans Priscilla Der
Hon. Mention: 244  Pineapple Sherbert  Terry Paris

Quilt Made By Two Persons – Large

First Place:      146 Brocade Fans    Jeanie Low
Second Place: 365  Four Seasons Betty Tang-Fitzpatrick
Third Place:    148  Hi Ho And Away We Go   Jeanie Low
Hon. Mention: 144  Making Do Dorothy Epstein

Quilt Made By Two Persons – Very Large

First Place:      187  Happy Clamshells Letitia Chung
Second Place: 204  Feathers Judy Woodfill
Third Place:    350  Julie’s Potpourri Julie Duerksen
Hon. Mention: 346  Blue And Yellow Coral Erskine
Hon. Mention: 260  Bow Wow Chow Mein   Nancy Clock
Hon. Mention: 197  Faithfulness Anna Chan

Machine Quilting – Innovative

Quilt Made By One Or More Persons – Small

First Place:     213  Thistle Down Carol Munch
Second Place: 189  Birds Of Paradise Letitia Chung
Third Place:    218  Merry Christmas James Thomas   Jan Canfield
Hon. Mention: 190  Longevity On A Drunkard’s Path Edwina Ow
Hon. Mention: 105  Incandescence Julie Scribner

Quilt Made By One Person – Large

First Place:      357  Seen From Behind   Rebecca Rohrkaste
Second Place: 306  Carla’a Quilt    Karen Reiter
Third Place:    315  La Fiesta Marin Laura Lee Fritz
Hon. Mention: 282  Happenstance    Tama Blough

Quilt Made By Two Persons – Large

First Place:     166  At The Zoo Katrina Lamkin
Second Place: 229  Linda’s Potpourri Linda Gavin
Third Place:   194  North Carolina    Deborah Loewenthal
Hon. Mention: 133  Sunshine Over Aquamarine   Laureen Neilly
Hon. Mention: 253  My Secret Project Lisa Lieberman
Hon. Mention: 235  Grammy’s Afghan Carolyn Bower

Machine Quilting – Computerized

First Place:      139  Island  Marie-Claude Le Gaul   
Second Place: 327  Critters In Batik Linda Hannawalt
Third Place:    220  A Zebra Is Tickling My Ear Barbara Buckley
Hon. Mention: 138  Forest: Broceliande Marie-Claude Le Gaul   

Group Quilt – Made By Three Or More People

First Place:      295  Sf Waters Elizabeth Goldbaum
Second Place: 202  Sailing Into Retirement   Adrienne Hickman
Third Place:    121  Crazy Birthday Hearts Arlene Hansen
Hon. Mention: 174  Batik Geese Susan Schwarting
Hon. Mention: 251  Dazzling Diamonds Caroline Lieberman
Hon. Mention: 176  Down The Garden Path Caroline Cory

Miniature Quilt Made To Scale

First Place:      269  Storm At Sea Tamara Borok   
Second Place: 156  Civil War Stars Maren Larsen
Third Place:    293  Pyramids In Pink   Carol Horatis
Hon. Mention: 167  Heart Sampler    Katrina Lamkin

Quilt Made By Child Under 18

First Place: 114  The Blanket Of Joy   Nicole Anderson

Wearable Art

First Place:     323  Chenille Vest    Dani Lawler
Second Place: 290  You Can’t Pick Your Relatives    Valerie Lynn
Third Place:  246  My Scrap Challenge Quilt Lynn Stanton
Hon. Mention: 186  Midnight Gingko Letitia Chung
Hon. Mention: 304  Asian Jacket Karen Reiter

Art Quilt

Any Technique – Small

First Place:    311  Mt. Tamalpais    Gail Retka Angiulo
Second Place: 120  Wall Hanging    Keiko Kurosawa
Third Place: 210  Lanterns In Nara, Japan   Carol Munch
Hon. Mention:  312  Explore Gail Retka Angiulo
Hon. Mention: 313  Flowers Will Come Of It Cathy Miranker

Any Technique – Large

First Place:   211  Variation On Gustaf Klimt’s Portrait Of…   Carol Munch   
Second Place: 332  Flames And Stripes Linda Hannawalt
Third Place:   214  Cynthia’s Quilt    Joyce Goode
Hon. Mention: 104  Glow Julie Scribner
Hon. Mention: 171  Optical Illusion    Michael Travis

Judges’ Choice

Marjorie Dequincy:  358  “O” Positive Rebecca Rohrkaste
Elizabeth Marrs:     184  Ocean Waves Letitia Chung
Judy Mathieson:  112  Cactus Garden Patricia Bilafer   
Jody Ohrt:     216  For Claudia Jane    Jan Canfield
Helen Powell:     120  Wall Hanging    Keiko Kurosawa

Best Of Show

  286  Fonthill Quilt   Kerstin Stauffer

Viewers Choice – Quilt

  187  Happy Clamshells    Letitia Chung

Viewers Choice – Wearable

  150  Rosie, Really    Sue Fox


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