Sewcials held at the Police Academy, 350 Amber Drive, San Francisco.

Workshops: The SFQG recruits stellar teachers from near and far, from within our own guild and as far away as Switzerland! These workshops offer an opportunity to master new techniques, explore the design process, play with color, pick up tips and tricks from both teachers and fellow students, build friendships and have fun. See the line-up below:

Community Outreach

Saturday, August 18, 2018
Making a Sew Together Bag, with Alex Byrne
Class fee $10.   Materials fee $16.

Supplies you need to bring:
● Outer fabric: 1 fat quarter (or if you want to use orphan blocks or a decorated piece for your outside, it needs to be at least 15”x11” and will be trimmed to size)
● Lining fabric: 1/2 yard x WOF (or, for a scrappy look, bring 4 pieces at least 9”x10” plus one FQ for the side panels)
● Pocket lining fabric: 1/3 yard x WOF (or, for a scrappy look, bring 3 pieces at least 10”x10”)
● Binding fabric: 1 fat quarter
● 1/2 yard lightweight fusible interfacing
● 1 x 18" zipper (the type that is closed at one end - you can use a longer one if you have it already and shorten it)
● 3 x 9" zippers (the type that is closed at one end - it will be a lot easier if yours are already 9” but you can shorten existing ones if needed)
● Zipper colours will be visible so you may want to coordinate them with your fabric. Or not!
● Usual sewing supplies such as a sewing machine, coordinating thread (stitching will be visible in some areas), spare needles, fabric scissors, rotary cutter with sharp blade, cutting mat at least 14” square, cutting ruler at least 14” long (but no need to buy a special ruler - you can make a 6” square ruler or 8”x2” work if you need to), pins, binding clips (optional - if you like to use them, bring them, but pins will be fine)
● Paper cutting scissors
● Water bottle

● A hard copy pattern for you to keep.
● Pellon Flex Foam Fusible or similar to back your outer fabric and give your bag some body.

Teacher: Alex Byrne is originally from England and has been sewing for more than 30 years. She has taught workshops in England, Japan and here in California. While she loves all textile arts, she is currently obsessed with quilting, and is the current President of the SF Quilters Guild. She is a firm believer in having fun while you craft and always encourages her students to enjoy themselves while they are learning. You’ll find her on Instagram as @lixiemakesit.


Ongoing Project:  Still making Postcards?  Instructions here.
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SF Police Academy, 350 Amber Drive (near Duncan), near Diamond Heights Safeway.
Sewcials are generally held the Saturday or Sunday following the guild meeting, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.
Take SF Muni bus #52 or drive your car, parking is free.

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